– We enjoy music and song as a way of expressing our praise to God.  Our service is traditional using the Lutheran Service Book.  The service and page for the week is posted in the bulletin along with the hymns.  Hymn numbers are also posted on the wall boards.  Please take a moment to sign the attendance record book located in each pew.
– Our service can be followed in the Hymnal.  You’ll notice we stand and sit at different points.  Just watch your neighbor for the cues.  And don’t worry – we all miss the beat on occasion.
– After Pastor’s message (the sermon), children are invited to gather at the front for a children’s sermon.  We love to have the children with us in worship but there is also a nursery available to parents who would prefer to have young children in the nursery during worship service.
– After the message we take an offering where we give our money to support the Church Ministries.  This is really for our church members.  Don’t feel compelled to give.  Many give once or twice a month so it wont be strange not giving when the time comes.  You can place any special prayer request in the offering plate.
– We then offer up our prayers to God.
– We have communion (bread and wine) on the second, fourth and fifth Sunday of each month.  Please feel free to join us if you have the same beliefs but also don’t feel compelled to take communion.  There is a mix of people who pass on taking communion on various Sundays so you won’t stand out.
– We usually finish by around 9:00 am (11:30 am for the 2nd service) with announcements from Pastor.  We invite you to greet Pastor and introduce yourself.

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