Middle School

Welcome to Atonement Lutheran School year 2015-16! 

Hello, my name is Mrs. Brooks and I am your 5th - 8th grade science teacher.  Last June, my family moved to Glendale AZ up from Tucson AZ so we could be close to my husband's new job as Planning Analyst with Central Arizona Project.  Our two children, Madeline and Christopher and I started the 2014 - 15 school year at  Atonement Lutheran School.  Our family was blessed.   We flourished in heart, mind and soul in the love of Jesus Christ at Atonement.

I am so excited to start the 2015 - 16 school year of exploring God's amazing world with our Atonement students and families. I am credentialed with the State of Arizona and hold a degree in Biological Sciences and an endorsement for Mathematics through the state of Arizona.

In God's strength, I will guide you through many investigations.  God created curious minds who have from trial and error,  theorized, demonstrated and explained many workings of our world.  As with all discovery, there is work to be done prior to any investigation or exploration.  We will study and then explore intriguing our minds to seek. 

See you ready for class! 

We are ever mindful that our purpose is to “Nurture Seeds of Faith and Knowledge”, and we are diligent in our preparation.

We are looking forward to the beginning of the school year. The teachers and staff will continue to work hard as expressed in the following goals:

  • Provide a distinctly Christian Experiential learning environment emphasizing faith, values and service.
  • Offer an excellent academic program to prepare students of varied ability for success at the next school level.
  • Encourage parents and families to become active in their child’s educational process.
  • Serve the Atonement Lutheran Church community with ministries of education, service, worship and fellowship.
  • Make an Impact in the greater Northwest Valley through our school programs.




Communication is important and I am here for your family.  The best way to get in touch with me is through Jupiter.  


Science Textbook Sequences for 2015/16
Each student will receive a textbook in the sequence of subjects to be studied.
5th Grade FOSS Textbooks:
Human Brain and Senses
Planetary Science
Environmental Science
Force and Motion
6th Grade Glencoe Textbooks:
The Water Planet   F07A77E91D
Human Body Systems
The Nature of Matter
7th & 8th Grades Glencoe Textbooks:
Animal Diversity
Waves, sound, and light