Fellowship and Group Activities

Atonement Lunch Bunch:
/files/slideshow/Church/Ministries/Fellowship/LunchBunch10-13-10-2s.jpgThe Atonement Lunch Bunch meets monthly all year long, usually at a local restaurant, for lunch and fellowship. Church members, winter visitors, and guests are welcome. The group hosts a Christmas party in December and sponsors one of the church suppers during Advent. From time to time, Atonement Lunch Bunch raises funds for special projects, such as the stained glass windows in the doors to the sanctuary and small hearing appliances for the hearing impaired which can be worn during worship services.



Dinner for Eight:
/files/slideshow/Church/Ministries/Fellowship/LunchBunch10-13-10-5s.jpgDinner for Eight is an activity that is organized once or twice during the calendar year. Would you like to get to know others at Atonement better?  Join one of these groups.  Each group of eight can be singles or couples. The hosting “pair” will provide the entrees and the remaining members of the group would provide complimentary side dishes. Christian fellowship is the goal of this group. Once we have a list of those wishing to participate they are organized into groups of eight people who will meet on a regular basis four times, each time in a different home or setting.



Christian Literature Book Study Group:
The goal of the /files/slideshow/Church/Ministries/Fellowship/BookClub-10-19-10.JPGChristian Literature Book Study Group is to share fellowship in the reading and discussion of Christian literature. We have read and discussed such authors as C. S. Lewis (Mere Christianity, Problem of Pain & Suffering, etc.), Gene Edward Veith, Jr. (The Spirituality of the Cross, Christianity in the Age of Terrorism) and Francis A. Shaeffer (How Then Shall We Live) among others. We meet Tuesdays at 7:00 pm. All are welcome, please call the church for more information.

Parish Education oversees the Fellowship.