Your Church Officers

The Constitution requires the following officers who form the Executive Committee for our Incorporation in Arizona. They serve as the core leaders for our church and serve roles and terms as described in the Constitution.

/files/Slideshow/Church/Resources/Church Boards/Church Council/BillSeeglitz-small.jpg   Chairman: William Seeglitz

• Call Committee
• New Building Committee
• Nomination Committee
  Vice-Chairman: TBD

• Fills in for Chairman as needed
• Leads Task Groups as requested

/files/slideshow/Church/Resources/Church Boards/Church Council/JulieWestby-small.JPG   Secretary: Julie Westby

• Notes
• Minutes
• Letters
/files/slideshow/Church/Resources/Church Boards/Church Council/JerryGroth-small.jpg   Treasurer: Jerry Groth

• Financial Review Committee
• Audits
/files/slideshow/Church/Resources/Church Boards/Church Council/JackeeKiendl-small.jpg   Financial Secretary: Jackee Kiendl

• Offerings
• Deposits
• Recordings

Your Church Council

Along with the Executive Council, the following members have been elected by the Voter’s Assembly to serve you and our Ministry as Chairmen.

/files/slideshow/Church/Resources/Church Boards/Board of Elders/AlanSchold-small.jpg  Board of Elders: Alan Schold

• Visitations
• Board Representative
• Congregation Care

/files/slideshow/Church/Resources/Church Boards/Church Council/HeatherHilliker-small.JPG  Worship: Heather Hilliker

• Organist
• Choir
• Handbells
• Soloists
• Acolytes
• Altar Guild
• Ushers
• Altar Flowers

/files/slideshow/Church/Resources/Church Boards/Church Council/TedTheiste-small.jpg  School Board: Ted Theiste

• Oversees Administration
• Financial Aid

/files/Slideshow/Church/Resources/Church Boards/Church Council/CarolynKrueger-small.jpg  Parish Life: Carolyn Krueger

• Serving Teams
• Weddings
• Baptisms
• Funerals

/files/slideshow/Church/Resources/Church Boards/Church Council/KeithHathaway-small.jpg
 Keith Hathaway

• Stewardship Program
• First Fruits

/files/slideshow/Church/Resources/Church Boards/Church Council/TimKiendl-small.jpg  Physical Facilities: Tim Kiendl

• Building Maintenance
• Technologies Communications
• Helping Hands

/files/slideshow/Church/Resources/Church Boards/Church Council/DanMeyer-small.jpg  In-Reach / Out-Reach: Dan Meyer

• Public Relations
• New Member Recognition
• Greeters
• Visitations

/files/slideshow/Church/Resources/Church Boards/Church Council/LindaSeeglitz-small.jpg  Parish Education: Linda Seeglitz

• Bible Classes
• Sunday School
• Vacation Bible School (VBS)
• Cradle Roll
• Youth Groups

/files/slideshow/Church/Resources/Church Boards/Board of Elders/PhilipHilliker-small.jpg  Tech Committee: Phil Hilliker (Co-Chairman)

• Network (linux and windows)
• Sound System
• Telephone System
• Alarm Systems
• A/C-Heat Temp Controls
• Security Cameras / Monitoring System