We would love for you to visit our church! We are located on the South Service Road of SR-101 between 35th Avenue and 51st Avenue. 4001 W. Beardsley rd. Glendale, AZ 85308.

Sunday: Holy Communion Services at 8:00 am and 10:30 am with Sunday School and Bible Class at 9:15

Wednesday: 7:00 pm with Bible Class at 6:00 pm

Pastors: Rev. David Haught

Rev. Daniel Larson, Associate Pastor

(623) 374-3019

Words From The Pastor

The greatest event in human history since the Creation of it all is the Atonement. One does not have to be in this world long to notice that along with all its magnificence and wonders, there also exist fatal flaws. Disasters, cruelty, suffering, brokenness, loneliness, loss and death are out there amongst the joys of life and love. At times they seem to be overwhelming what is good. That is when the Atonement becomes important. When the purpose of life is hidden and seems lost, when the crisis overtakes even the desire to live, when we really wonder in our heart of hearts, what it’s all about, the Atonement stands bold before us.

Something big, profound, powerful needs to take over. Mankind has tried its best for thousands of years, with thousands of fixes; each attempt also dies of the fatal flaws we carry in our genes. God teaches us that the problem is sin, original sin and actual sin. The wrongs of our parents in Paradise, and the wrongs of our very selves today, will always compromise and condemn us. Something big, profound, and powerful needs to rescue us and lead us to where we cannot go.

So God took it upon Himself to lift us out of our sinful condition. It required the sacrifice of His own Son to erase the sin of the world. It would require real death and real resurrection, powers indeed well beyond mankind. Jesus, the only Son of God was the only one to fit all the needed requirements. Being true God, He is bigger than the problem of sin. Willing to give His holiness in exchange for our sinfulness was most profound. Having the ultimate power of life, death and resurrection to eternal life is most powerful indeed.

We gather here in awe of the Atonement. In receipt of its gifts by grace and faith through the Holy Spirit in the waters of Baptism, we worship to praise the author of life and the Atonement, and gather others who are searching and seeking hope and help in this world to the arms of the Atoning One, Jesus Christ.

We welcome you and invite you to join with us as we explore the wonders of God’s grace and Love in our Atoning Savior Jesus Christ.

Your Servant in Christ,

Pastor David Haught

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